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Lab Testing: Get To The Root Of What Is Really Going On

alergyBloodOur clinic offers a variety of lab testing options for you to explore including; food sensitivity testing (our most popular test), salivary hormone levels, thyroid hormone screening, and a variety of specialty testing for weight loss, fertility and skin health. Explore the sections below to see what testing interests you.

Please note that costs vary depending on test being performed. Please inquire by calling the clinic or asking during your next appointment. Some insurance providers will cover lab testing done through a Naturopathic Doctor and certified medical lab so be sure to check with your provider for the extent of your coverage.We use two certified labs: Rocky Mountain Analytical and ZRT labs.

Hormone testingdone through samples of either blood, urine or saliva (or a combination of all three)

healthyyoungwoman Female panel:

covers a broad spectrum of female hormones including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone,  DHEA and cortisol. Many women’s health concerns are related to hormonal imbalances such as PMS, fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, PCOS, infertility etc.  Many women chose to also add on the complete thyroid panel so they can get a full picture of what imbalances are contributing to their health concerns. Read our lab’s patient handout for more information on your options as well as to find out how hormone imbalance may be affecting your health. Download the document file Female_Hormone_Profiles__ZRT


Mature female doctor examining her young female  patient.Thyroid panel:

This panel covers the complete spectrum of thyroid testing including TSH, free T3, free T4, thyroid antibodies. Conventional lab testing often only looks at TSH, which only provides a portion of the picture as many patients, women especially, go undiagnosed with an underlying thyroid condition that affects their energy, mood and ability to maintain a health weight. Read the patient handout for more information Thyroid_and_Elements_ZRT


Couple at gymMale panel:

covers a broad spectrum of male hormones including testosterone, PSA, and cortisol which are linked to many male health concerns including prostate, libido and stress. Read the patient handout for more information Male_Hormone_Profiles__ZRT


Food sensitivity testing:

Stomach painCurious if certain foods are causing your health issues? IgG food sensitivity testing is offered at the clinic and tests for common food allergens. The test is appropriate for anyone over the age of 2 (note: if you are a nursing mother curious about what foods may be causing your infant’s colic, eczema or general digestive upset, we can test you as what you eat affects your little one!).

Testing options include the basic 120 foods, the more comprehensive 200 foods, or 160 vegetarian foods. If you want a comprehensive checklist to get to the bottom of how food affects your health, pick up a copy of my e-book Food Sensitivities 101 (click here to purchase).

To get the most out of your test, it is best to have consumed a variety of foods in the weeks leading up to the test. For example, if you are curious if dairy is causing your bloating, you should consume a variety of dairy products before the test (unless you have a severe allergy), otherwise the results may come back negative. For more information on the testing, please visit

You may also choose to investigate for candida overgrowth, which can be done in alone or along with the IgG food sensitivity testing to determine if there is an overgrowth of candida in your system that your immune system is reacting to.

Environmental toxicity testing:

Periodic Tableincluding tests for heavy metals and other toxins via urine and hair samples. Heavy metal exposure is quite common given that contaminants are rampant in our food system, water supply and personal care products. For example, if you eat tuna on a regular basis, cook with non-stick pans and drink from plastic water bottles, your cells are likely experiencing a build up of toxicity. We do a variety of lab testing including urine sampling with provocation in order to determine what you have been exposed to and in what amounts. From there, we design a customized treatment plan for you that involves detoxification and prevention from further exposure. For more information on the lab testing options available read here

Nutritional testing:

supplementlabelincluding tests for essential minerals such as potassium, calcium & magnesium via urine and hair samples. You are not only what you eat but what you absorb too! It is extremely beneficial to check your levels of minerals periodically to see what you may be deficient in, as they play a vital role in keeping you looking and feeling your best. Once we have an accurate picture of what is going, we can customize a prescription to replace your deficiencies and ensure optimal absorption. Read more about the testing options here